Thika School for the Blind – CSR

On the 8th of March 2019 and with the support of the Amrit Foundation Trust, had the great pleasure of visiting and making donations to the Thika School for the Blind, Kiambu County, the only High School for blind children in East and Central Africa.

Thika High School for the Blind has an enrollment of around 200 students. The school follows the standard High School curriculum leading to the Kenya Certificate in Secondary Education. Some children are blind while others have low vision. Study books and examinations are transcribed into Braille.

Eka Hotel and the Amrit Foundation Trust continuously support community development particularly child welfare in various parts of the Country. We concentrate on primarily giving back to the community in which we operate. Projects undertaken by the Trust offer maximum benefit to the society are purposeful and of value to the community we are serving.

In keeping with The Amrit Foundation’s focus on the strife and challenges facing communities and particularly children across the country, it was felt that this school was an opportunity for Eka Hotel to yet again make a difference in our community. Amongst the items donated were shoes, bedding and toiletries.